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Hanf Actuarial, Inc. provides actuarial and employee benefit consulting services to private businesses and public employers of all sizes. Hanf Actuarial specializes exclusively in actuarial valuations and consulting relating to Postretirement benefits other than pensions (OPEB)
Founder Duane Hanf is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) with over 30 years actuarial experience as an employee benefit consulting actuary. He has extensive experience with retiree medical (OPEB) plans along with the FASB and GASB regulations relating to these plans (i.e., GASB45, FAS106, SOP92-6, etc.)

Clients of Hanf Actuarial frequently comment on Duane’s ability to communicate these complicated analysis and calculations in easy-to-understand terms for the lay employer.

Contact Duane Hanf at Duane@HanfActuarial.com. Be sure to check out our testimonials and see the wide range of services clients use.

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